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Full Contact Karaoke FAQ

Full Contact Karaoke Frequently asked questions

Do I really get to sing with a live band?  Yes, Full Contact Karaoke is a live Karaoke band. You pick the song, we play it and you sing it.

How do i sign up?  You can sign up on-line by clicking here.

Are there any Lyrics to the songs?  Yes, the song lyrics are displayed on a iPad.

Do you know every song?  No, but Full Contact Karaoke knows over 130 songs from a variety of genres and artists.

Do you guys do weddings?  Of course we do. We also do private parties, Clubs and corporate events.

Has anyone famous ever sang with the band?  yes, Full Contact Karaoke has performed with such artists as Ruben Studdard, Randy Owen(Alabama)  and Margo Ray.

Is the list of songs list on your website?  Yes, the songs are listed on the full contact karaoke "sign up" page.

Who's the best singer in the world?  You are! Especially when you are singing live with Full Contact Karaoke.

Can I follow Full Contact Karaoke on Twitter?  Yes, @FCKaraokeband.

Can I see videos of people singing with the band?  Yes, check out our VIDEO  page.

Please email us if you have additional question or song request

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