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Full Contact karaoke Photos

Full Contact Karaoke at the Speed Art Museum 2/15/2019

Full Contact Karaoke at Mercury Ballroom for the KFC Party 12/12/2018

Full Contact Karaoke at 4th Street Live 11/10/2018

2018 Full Contact Karaoke Kentuckiana Karaoke Contest

Pics from private events

Full Contact karaoke Videos

2019 After Hours at the Speed Art Museum

2018 Facilities Management Leadership Retreat

Karaoke Contest at Iroquois Amphitheater

2018 Kentuckiana Karaoke Contest Finale

Karaoke Contest at 4th Street Live 8/9/2018

Joe Biemel & Full Contact Karaoke at the Bluegrass World Series Party

WDJX Full Contact Karaoke / bICENTENNIAL pARK

Iroqouis Amphitheater 2017

Jeffersonville Riverstage 2017

Wick's Goose Creek 2017

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